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Hi there,

Steve and Tracy are a Canadian couple who left Canada in 2018 to move to the United Arab Emirates. In December 2022, they moved to Mexico to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle and lower cost of living. 

If you had told them back then that they’d be financially independent by 2022, they would have laughed in your face! 

Like most North Americans, they owned their home and spent a week or two per year down south for vacations. With a high cost of living and endless taxes, retirement seemed completely out of reach.  

And yet, using mindfulness tools and principles of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), in May 2022, they discovered they were financially independent. 

In December 2022, they moved to Mexico to focus on passion projects (like this one!) and to help others interested in creating a more meaningful, mindful, and financially free life.  

Who we are: 

Steve accidentally semi-retired in his mid-40s and has reinvented himself as a remote web development consultant. He’s also spent time working in Saudi Arabia as a driving instructor.  In his free time, he plays a ton of tennis and golf. Reach out for help to get your blog or website optimized (or to connect for tennis tips). 

Tracy has spent the last 20 plus years working in education and tech companies. She has lived abroad in South Korea, Taiwan, and the UAE for nearly 9 years. As a tech leader, coach, and consultant, she has a unique blend of interests in remote work, digital nomadism, travel, mindfulness and FIRE. 

What we offer: 

Having learned all our lessons the hard way, we’re here to share with you how to create a more authentic life using the tools of FI and mindfulness! 

  • Become work optional or reach financial independence faster.
  • Improve the quality of your life with meaningful experiences that matter to you.
  • Land or transition to a remote job to enjoy a lower cost life in another country. 
  • Develop financial mindfulness tools to help you master self-doubt, uncertainty, and stress.

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