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We are Gen Xers with a ton of life experience, much of it learned the hard way. Having lived in different countries, traveled, saved, splurged, semi-retired, and re-invented ourselves, we’ve got you covered. Create a more meaningful, authentic life on your own terms. Let us help you create a pathway to financial freedom using mindfulness and financial independence tools.   Become work optional or reach financial independence faster
  • Improve the quality of your life with meaningful experiences that matter to you
  • Land or transition to a remote job to enjoy a lower cost life in another country 
  • Develop financial mindfulness tools to help you master self-doubt, uncertainty, and stress 

If you’re in the mindfulness or wellness space, reach out to Tracy for the following:

  • Speaking at your corporate event
  • Consulting on setting up a mindfulness program
  • Personal coaching on mindfulness and developing a practice
  • Facilitating at retreats or wellness events
  • Developing financial mindfulness tools to help you master doubt, uncertainty and stress

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