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Whenever I want to learn more about something, I follow those who have already achieved what I’m aiming for. In the old days, you were limited to reading a book or attending a conference. If you were lucky, you might send a fan letter and get a response.

That’s the beauty of our modern digital world — we have access to experts from all over the world who can infuse our life with thoughts, perspectives, and experiences that we can directly benefit from.

In no particular order, I’m sharing here my top 7 Financial Independence creators. I read their books, follow them on their social channels, and subscribe to their newsletters. This requires very little effort on my side but floods my inbox and social feed with ideas that support my journey to FI.

I am also in direct contact with a few of them via messaging or WhatsApp, all because of following their work.

I share seven mostly because these are the creators who keep popping up with fresh content or whose books I’ve read recently.

Personally, I like to follow a range of FIRE perspectives. I generally follow North American creators from various generations and cultural backgrounds.

Financial Independence

1. Millennial Revolution is a Canadian couple who retired in their 30s by forgoing home ownership and building a 7-figure portfolio which they use to travel full time. You can subscribe to their blog or investment series. As well, they have a book, ‘Quit Like a Millionaire’ which I have read and highly recommend.

2. Our Next Life: Tanja Hester and her husband are an American couple who retired at 38 and 41 to volunteer, write, and ski. Tanya wrote a book called Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching Way which was also a great read.

3. FIRE We Go: Kristine and Gean are a Canadian couple who post regularly about their net worth and their progress towards early retirement by 2024. Like me, they are in their late 40s and DINKS (Double Income, No Kids) so highly relatable. They have a YouTube channel as well where they post regular updates.

4. Our Freedom Years: If you’re into travel, Stephanie and Gillian, are a Canadian couple who retired and travel the world full time. They travel with two dogs, Jasper and Huxley, which is unique. Their content is polished and presents budgets and travel tips for low-cost living.

5. Our Rich Journey: Amon and Christina are retired federal government employees who reached FI at 39 with $2.5M. A family of four, they left the US and now live in Portugal. They have a huge following and offer great content via their website, podcast, and YouTube channel.

6. Choose FI is a fan favorite as a well-respected hub and community for FI enthusiasts. I love their newsletter and podcast which always impress.

7. The Mindful FIRE Podcast: Adam Coelho is a creator with a unique perspective that really resonates for me because he uses the tools of mindfulness and Financial Independence to help people craft a life they love. He’s super active on LinkedIn, and he’s producing a ton of great interviews.

I’ll be posting more of my favorite creators in mindfulness, real estate investing, travel, and digital nomadism, so if you found this list helpful, leave a comment below! Plus if you’ve got any other FI favorites, feel free to share! 



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