What Does Mindfulness Have to Do with Financial Independence?

What is the opposite of being mindful? 

Being mindless

What is mindlessness?  

Mindlessness means passing your life on autopilot. In this state, you’re consumed with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

You know when you’re in the grocery store and some kid is having a meltdown about a toy or candy they want? 

Sadly, that’s most of the world’s population, most of the time.

“But I want that!”

“If I get the blue one, the other one is 50% off” 

Those thoughts in your mind? That’s you giving into your inner toddler tantrum.  

When you’re on autopilot, you are literally giving into the stream of thoughts that you think is you but isn’t. 

Awareness of thoughts, feelings, states of beings, and emotions is mindfulness. When you are mindful, you can attune to the present moment.  The present moment is what’s with us in this moment rather than the past or future which is where our thoughts predominate.

“If only I had a million dollars. Then my life would be great.”

“If only my childhood had been better. Then I would have made better choices.”

How present are you at dinner with friends or family when you’re on your social media? How present are you when you’re making lists in your mind during an important work meeting? How present are you when you’re planning your response before your friend has even finished speaking? 

Coming back to the question: What does mindfulness have to do with financial independence? 

Mindfulness has EVERYTHING to do with financial independence. 

People who are mindful of money create spending habits that serve them, not their inner narratives of wanting and needing. 

People who are mindful of money develop money mindsets that help them prosper so they can connect with their higher purpose.

People who are mindful of money know where their money goes so that they can use their surplus to create more wealth. 

This is not to say that being mindful of money will solve all your money problems. But awareness of your beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets about money is a step towards coming out of your autopilot reactions about money and life. 

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